Teen Poetry Contest 2020 - Winners


6th Grade Winners


A Walk In the Park -  JP

First Place Winner Medal

I love going to the park
When it’s sunny and warm
Far away from anything negative
Far from any storm

There is so many things to see
Animals, plants and trees
And you can even make out a field
With grass up to your knees

The park is a place
That everyone likes
Making friends
Riding bikes

I play and imagine and believe
All up until my parents tell me it’s time to leave

Goodbye park.


Outdoors - Isabella W.

Second Place Winner Medal

The wind rustles,

While the birds tweet.

The flap of wings,

While the dead leaves tumble.

Car motors accelerate,

The motor cycles thrash!

The snap of a twig!
The whoosh of a car!

An owl hooting!

A dog barking!

Something rustles under you!

Trucks rumble!

Who else adores,

The sound of Outdoors.


So Fake and Far Away - Orla C.

Third Place Winner Medal

I remember yesterday.
I remember making him up.
I remember thinking that he was my best friend,
and he was.
His faded brown hair,
messed up and rough,
his sapphire green eyes,
I can stare at a lot.
He wasn't real, and nor was I,
I just thought it would be fun to have a real friend for once.
One you've made up.
One who listens and doesn't abandon.
But of course, imaginary friends end in a second.
I still remember him.
He pops up from time to time,
A smile on his face.
Though I know he is fake,
I feel safe with him.
He knows all my secrets,
He knows all my hurt.
I know he isn't real.
It pains me to think that he isn't near.
Come 11 years later,
I'm out and about.
A girl of such age looking for someone fake.
You know what he looks like.
You know what he thinks.
You know that the boy who was so far away
Now stands next to you,
As the world fades away.


7th & 8th Grade Winners


An Uninvited Guest -  Zoe G.

First Place Winner Medal

I often ponder what it would be like
If nature could hear me too
Listening to my every word,
Her only response the rustling of the trees

Trudging down the street, mumbling to myself
Thinking nobody could hear my musings
Except the trees, and the grass, and the leaves
Listening tenderly like a mother

And every time I speak
They stay attentive to my complaints,
All my hopes and lofty dreams
They hold my deepest secrets in their lush arms

Could my houseplants hear me arguing
About petty misunderstandings
Silently judging, contemplating
Whose side would they land?

Could plants gossip with one another
In a secret, unheard language
Sharing their sympathies and their anger
About one unsuspecting soul

It’s comforting, never being alone
But sometimes alone is what I crave
I’ve always thought plants as peaceful
But now they seem quite sinister


Quarantine - Charlotte T.

Second Place Winner Medal

Quarantine, oh quarantine, you make us stay inside.
And from our friends and colleagues, you advise us to hide.
We cannot go out, or spend time with our friends,
And all that I am wondering is, when is this to end?
When can I see my school, or go out to eat?
Even just to see my classmates, that would be a treat.
Quarantine oh quarantine, why did you have to come?
Especially before summer, you really are a bum.
But I can't wait when this is over and we are well and free,
I appreciate the little things now, because of quarantine.


Breaking the 4th Wall - John B.

Third Place Winner Medal

Holding a bat,
Getting ready to swing,
The ball flying towards me,
I swing with all my might,
But that may have been too much,
I hear something shatter,
Followed by a scream,
All my friend’s fingers pointing to me,
Grounded to my room,
But at least I can still feel the breeze,
Through my broken bedroom window.


High School Winners


Waiting - Aparna R.

First Place Winner Medal

Pacing back and forth
Like the pendulum of a clock
Each minute is agonizing
Tick tock tick tock

It has been five hours
The doctor has yet to come
Waiting and waiting
Tick tock tick tock

I try to stay relaxed
But nothing works
Time is going by
Tick tock tick tock

Another thirty minutes
He is still in surgery
Who knows for how much longer
Tick tock tick tock

My mother is crying
My sister trying to console
I try to be strong for both
Tick tock tick tock

It is nearing six hours
Still no word
It’s usually over in four
Tick tock tick tock

What-ifs start to fill my head
The worst of the worst
I try to not think, just focus on the good
Tick tock tick tock

My mother has stopped crying
More friends have come
Who knows what news will arrive
Tick tock tick tock

The nurse comes to us
Tells us to go to the consultation room
She says nothing about the surgery
Tick tock tick tock

Ten minutes, fifteen minutes
No doctor in sight
What could be going on that is taking so long
Tick tock tick tock

The short man with scrubs finally walks in
He tells us it was successful
My heart rate comes back to normal
Something still doesn’t feel right

I see him hooked up to lots of tubes
The nurse tells us it will be a while to get back to normal
Looks like I still have some waiting to do
Tick tock tick tock