Resources to Support Your Mental Health at Work and in Your Job Search

Man lying on the floor covered in sticky notes with positive messages

Taking care of your mental health is an important part of success.

The reality is that careers don’t exist in a vacuum. People going to work every day need to feel okay in order to do their job and respond well to challenges. The same applies for job searching, which can often feel frustrating and demoralizing. Without systems in place to take care of yourself, this can easily begin to impact your work or your next interview!

Luckily there are lots of supportive resources. You can find our recommendations in this digital display, with plenty of titles immediately available with your Naperville Public Library card.

You’ll find books about navigating anxiety in the workplace, beating burnout, and building healthy habits. You’ll also find video courses from LinkedIn Learning about staying motivated while job hunting, supporting your mental health while working from home, and making sleep your superpower.

In the meantime, here are some easy things you can incorporate into your daily life to manage stress and improve your well-being.

  1. Practicing Gratitude

    Take a moment to appreciate the good things about your day or situation. It’s often easy to focus on what we don’t have or what’s making the day harder. Making a habit of identifying and appreciating people, events, and things that are good can really improve our outlook. Write these things down to look back on.

  2. Breathing

    Count as you breathe in and out. Taking slow, measured breaths can slow speeding heartrates and put our bodies into a state of calm. These breathing exercises from the University of Michigan are a great place to start.

  3. Moving

    A walk, stretch, or silly dance can loosen up the tension in our bodies and help break us out of a funk. This is especially important for tasks that keep us sitting at a computer for hours. Put a little movement into your day!

  4. Taking a Break

    Our brains can’t work at max capacity all day. You can use your break time to move, communicating with a loved one, or do something fun. If you have trouble remembering to take a break, try using an online Pomodoro timer to break your work into intervals.

Scrabble pieces arranged to read 'pause, rest, but never give up'

These are a few more ideas specifically for those feeling blue about their job search:

  • Create a Schedule
    • Define the time you will work on your job search. Write that time on your calendar or create a reminder in your phone. Treat it like a place you need to be, and then allow yourself to log off when the time is up.
  • Write Down Your Strengths
    • Create a list of your skills and strengths and put it your workspace as a reminder. Just because you haven’t had success yet doesn’t mean you aren’t valuable and talented. Don’t let yourself forget it!
  • Refresh Your Resume and Cover Letter Strategy
    • Maybe you aren’t making headway because the information you’re sending employers isn’t as enticing or polished as it could be. Have an expert review your resume and cover letter on Brainfuse JobNow! for free with your library card.

If you are struggling with your mental health, The National Alliance on Mental Illness offers free resources and support. Visit NAMI Dupage or NAMI Will-Grundy to learn more.

Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 9:15am