Donations & Sponsorships

Naperville Public Library welcomes donations in all forms including volunteering, materials, monetary and in-kind donations.

Donate Materials

The library welcomes the donation of gently used books and materials. Donations may be added to the collection according to the collection development policy. Items not added to the collection may be offered for sale or transferred to other institutions. All used book and media sale proceeds are used to benefit Naperville Public Library. Materials can be dropped off at the customer services desk at any Naperville Public Library location.
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Donate In-Kind

Support Naperville Public Library through in-kind donations. These can be coupons for summer and winter reading programs, raffle prizes, guest speakers, services, or other means. Many individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations generously support library programs throughout the year with goods and services. A wide array of opportunities are available and can be customized to fit your desires and budget.
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Monetary Donations

The library welcomes cash donations. Cash donations are accepted for memorial and honor book purchases, program sponsorship, naming opportunities, and general fund support from bequests, trusts or planned giving to the library directly or through the Naperville Public Library Foundation.
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See Our Sponsors

Become a sponsor - A wide array of opportunities are available to individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations who may support Naperville Public Library programs with goods and services.